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Why Choose Us?

We have helped countless patients achieve optimal health and experience a pain-free life again. Thank you to all who walk through our doors and give us the opportunity to join you on your path to healing.

Lee Anne B.

"I WOULD RATE 1000 STARS IF I COULD!  My car was hit from behind, while I was stopped at a red light. After the initial shock wore off, I started experiencing pain in my neck, back and upper legs. I was referred by a good friend to Destination Spine Care.  Rachel, Office Manager, (who is simply amazing)  was very kind and understanding. She got  me right in to see Rob. THANK GOD FOR ROB! I was in a lot of pain, had zero range of motion, could not even complete a simple task, such as lacing my own shoe. Rob was very thorough.  He started right away targeting several areas that needed repair. I am in still in awe of the knowledge this man possesses when it comes to chiropractic healing...he has restored my faith in chiropractors.  He does not bandage the pain with drugs, he fixed me, and I am forever grateful! Thank you Rob and Rachel !!!!!"

Mandy R.

"Dr. Rob has the best bedside manner and truly loves his job! He not only gets rid of my back pain, but he constantly educates me on what he is doing for me, what I should do at home in between treatments and takes his time with each visit. I have been in the medical field for 20 years and suffer from horrible, lower back pain. Dr. Rob has made it where I can walk with no pain and return to my daily activities pain free. I highly recommend him for all your chiropractic needs!"

Josh A.

"Have been having issues for years with no clear guidance or proper diagnosis from previous professionals. Rob is knowledgeable and able to explain everything very clearly. Definitely recommended!"

Stephanie G.

Dr. Rob is a truly talented chiropractor. I've had my fair share of chiropractic adjustments over the years at numerous places, and Destination Spine Care surpasses them all! My entire experience from start to finish was excellent. From the moment you walk in the office it is serene and beautiful. Dr. Rob was beyond thorough with my adjustment and discussed suggestions with me to help alleviate future pain. I was very interested in becoming a patient not only from the wonderful recommendations, but the services he provides with an adjustment with the red light therapy, oxygen, and Halo salt therapy. I love anything with holistic approaches and I was not disappointed. Pure bliss when I left his office. I had forgotten how it felt to not be in pain and Dr. Rob fixed what most others have not been able to do. I cannot wait for my next scheduled visit!


"Great personal care I needed after an auto accident. I felt he listened and cared for my ailments with great professional knowledge of the spine  & different therapeutic treatments that are also available at Destination Spine Care. Go See Dr. Rob! You will look forward to every visit."

Octavia K.

"Dr. Rob is awesome. You will feel completely comfortable in his office, like you’re there just visiting a friend. I had pain in my left shoulder so bad I couldn’t inhale without it hurting. He got rid of it in one session. He’s a great chiropractor! I won’t go anywhere else!"

Eddy G.

"Went to Dr. Rob today and what an awesome experience! First time I’ve ever been to a chiropractor and he’s the man. I recently injured my patella tendon and even with my leg in a cast. Dr. Rob was able to help me out. I had severe lower back pain from sitting all day (doctors orders with this injury) and he was able to get me some relief. He also helped me with injury as well. 10 out 10 recommend Dr. Rob and his staff!"

Dwayne M.

"Dr. Rob is amazing! Highly Recommend. He's compassionate and has made a huge difference with my back."

Alena S.

"Dr Rob is Amazing!  So through, unlike any chiropractic experience I’ve ever had.  His office is so comfortable and inviting.  He takes his time explains everything in great detail asks the right questions and is also great with kids.  He also offers red light therapy and flexible time slots.  If you’re looking for a great chiropractor I highly recommend Rob!"

Baylor R.

"Dr. Rob is the best there is hands down. If you’re looking for a good, honest, local chiropractor, he’s your guy!"

Mandy R.

"Dr. Rob has the best bedside manner and truly loves his job! He not only gets rid of my back pain, but he constantly educates me on what he is doing for me, what I should do at home in between treatments and takes his time with each visit. I have been in the medical field for 20 years and suffer from horrible, lower back pain. Dr. Rob has made it where I can walk with no pain and return to my daily activities pain free. I highly recommend him for all your chiropractic needs!"

L Beaux

"Best experience with a chiropractor ever.  Love the red light therapy and the adjustment was just what I needed to knock a sinus infection out.  Dr. Rob is so attentive and professional. The office is beautiful and relaxing.  I highly recommend Destination Spine Care for your health needs.  Thank you Dr. Rob!!"

Isabel T.

"Several months ago I had been in a car accident & heard about Destination Spinal Care. I contacted Dr. Rob to make an appointment and he was able to fit me in immediately. He was super informative on how chiropractor care can be beneficial especially for my lower back pain. I now make weekly appointments and refer Dr. Rob to everyone."

Mahogany G.

"For me being an athlete and never having been to a chiropractor, Dr. Rob was amazing and very patient with me. He showed me just how important it is to just feel free and light. I didn’t know how tense I was till I got off that table. I will definitely be coming back. Thank you Dr. Rob!"

Janice S.

"I just wanted share with everyone the amazing care and compassion I have received from Doc Elsas. He has helped me so much when I have had sciatica pain. He is very mindful and good listener. He takes his time and explains the best care treatment for me. I feel so much better when I leave. I’m  very touched by the fact that he takes his time to follow up with me on his own time with a call or text message. Thanks again, Doc Rob Elsas!"

Holly H.

"I look forward to my regular appointments with Dr. Rob when they roll around. He takes such great care and has me feeling so much better! I do chiropractic care as well as the red light therapy, halo therapy and oxygen therapy. All combined have made a major noticeable difference in my day to day life. I couldn't recommend him more!"

Keith A.

"Great chiropractor ... After getting regular adjustments from Dr. Rob the pain down the side of my leg is gone. I dealt with the pain for years.  Dr. Rob gave me a few exercises and regular adjustments. ... Now I'm pain free. Great bedside manner. I highly recommend him as a chiropractor!"

Cameron T.

"Dr. Rob is extremely knowledgeable and effective. I've seen 5 or 6 chiropractors over the last 15 years or so and Dr. Rob is definitely the best. I would recommend him to everyone."

Ryan B.

"If you are in need of chiropractic treatment, Dr. Rob at Destination Spine Care is amazing. Having suffered a neck injury a couple yrs ago Dr Rob has managed to decrease my pain level and certainly increase my quality of life. He is very attentive to patients needs and works tirelessly on the best possible treatment plan. Highly recommend!!!"

Isabella W.

"If friends or family are looking for a chiropractor, I always recommend Dr. Rob. He is truly the best and gives the best care. My friend recommended him to me after my accident and now I’m a regular client!"

Scott B.

"I went in with the hopes of just getting some of the stiffness and pain alleviated in my neck and came out with my head feeling lighter than ever. Not only that but he alleviated years worth of stiffness in my knees, lower back and in my shoulders as well, just to top it all off he taught me some stretches that specifically target my problem areas to keep me limber. He went above and beyond for someone who came in just for some stiffness in their neck. I will definitely be going back for regular adjustments and/or if anything ever starts to ache again."

Danil K.

"After my auto accident I knew I had to see a specialist. I was clueless about the whole process but Dr. Elsas walked me through every step of the way. I've seen military chiropractors before but Dr. Elsas was far more knowledgable and professional. He is a different breed of chiropractor, blending time honored techniques with modern science, promoting a balance between health, wellness, and preventative care. The pain in my lower back is getting better and his adjustments always help balance out my left foot/right foot height difference. I highly recommend a visit."

Aiden L.

"Dr. Rob has helped me and my family out for a few months now, and I can’t be more grateful. Whenever my sister was in her car wreck, he made it to where she was able to sit and stand without any pain. On top of that every time I have gone into his office with lower back pain, I’ve walked out feeling 10x better than when I walked in. Thanks Dr. Rob!"

Ambher D.

"Absolutely amazing here. I would recommend to anyone, great prices, amazing care, and knowledgeable staff. I can't wait for my next visit. Thank you so much."

Brian C.

"Dr. Rob is awesome! I've known him for a few years now and he's been like family. Always loosens you up and straightens you out. By the time you're finished in his office, you'll walk out feeling refreshed!"

Quintarius P.

"I am being treated for an auto accident and I can honestly say, Dr. Elsas has ridded me of any & all of my back problems that I've had since the accident occurred. I strongly, STRONGLY recommend Destination Spine Care for any of your chiropractic needs. 10/10 for me."

Dakeyzuhia K.

"WOW! 10/10Amazing atmosphere, gorgeous interior. Rachel is so sweet & Doctor Rob is absolutely amazing, he knows exactly how to get you right. Trust, you will leave way better than you came."

Tunisia W.

"I have had migraines for the last 7 years. I have been been on numerous medications and have changed my diet. After seeing Dr. Rob, I have not had a migraine in 2 months. He recommended I continue to get adjusted once a month. I will definitely do so to reduce the migraines. The office is also  really nice! Thanks Dr.Rob!"

William L.

"Dr.  Rob has the magic touch!  I went in with severe back pain from straining my back. While riding my motorcycle, I took a u-turn too sharp and fought the bike to keep it upright. After a whole day of laying in bed recovering, I decided to visit Dr. Rob. He able to crack me like a glow stick and make me shine brighter than ever. Thanks Dr. Rob!"

Kathy E.

"Being a nurse for quite some time I've been super lucky not having any major back issues. Recently, I have started getting weekly adjustments. I never realized how tight and out of alignment I was. I feel fabulous and look forward to my weekly visits!"

Thomas D.

"The halo salt and red light therapy are amazing. The red lights alone are worth the trip. The salt and oxygen are truly healing. I highly recommend this and Dr. Rob is awesome and very knowledgeable."

Brittany G.

"Very impressed with Dr. Elsas. My husband recently had a patellar tendon repair which restricts mobility of his entire leg and forces him to keep his leg in extension. Dr. Elsas accommodated this restriction without compromising the treatment. We drove about an hour for my husband to be treated by Dr.Elsas and will continue to do so."

Buffy P.

"Wow, just wow!! Thank you so much for getting me in on a Saturday. Rob was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much and I feel great!! If you need chiropractic care, this is the place to go!!"

Trent C.

"Amazing service and  professional atmosphere. Very clean and welcoming.I  always feel better after my appointment."

John S.

"Dr. Elsas always works wonders! I always walk out a new man."

Malinda G.

"He was able to get us in last minute was extremely patient with my eight year old daughter and took his time trying to explain things to us and help her feel better. Very smart and knowledgeable in his profession."

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